Frequently asked questions

How should I position my AirTag within the Alpha Bike Mount?

We recommend positioning the Alpha in the downward position with the Apple logo and AirTag Battery door facing the bicycle frame. With the provided hardware, thieves won’t be able to access the battery – giving you a better chance at retrieving your bike.

Why doesn’t the mount come with an Apple AirTag?

With many already owning an Apple AirTag, we aim to provide cost effective solutions to help everyone recover their stolen bikes. If you’re looking to purchase your own AirTag, we recommend visiting Apple.com or a certified reseller in your local area.

What stops bike thieves from removing the mount?

Our bike mount comes with security hardware that requires speciality tools for installation and removal. While we provide these tools for free with any Alpha Bike Mount purchase, most individuals or would-be bike thieves do not have these readily accessible – adding an extra layer of protection.